The World is Small

We are so lucky to live in a time when the world is so small. 

From thousands of miles away, we can see, hear, and talk to our family and friends as though they were in the next room.  My children take it for granted because they’ve never known any other way, but I still marvel at it.  We’re separated by an entire ocean, and yet I can giggle and roll my eyes at my boys’ and my nephews’ goofy little faces squeezing every sight gag they can out of every Facetime session we have. 

Every conversation doesn’t have to be important — you can still talk about stupid stuff mixed in with the important things because you can talk again tomorrow.  It makes it all so much easier to be so far away from home.

Social media gets a bad rap, but I feel like, when used well, it improves our lives immeasurably.  I can see my niece’s dance class.  Chat with friends in D.C., Massachusetts, California, Istanbul.  It makes my relationships more solid and allows me to feel close to the people I love even from far away.

We’re living thousands of miles away from all our family, but we can still see each other on birthdays, Christmas, and any day in between.  It makes the distance shrink and makes this huge world small.

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