Spring is definitely in the air in England — the fields around us are greening up, daffodils are blooming, and it’s been in the mid-50s all week.  But spring in England seems to be a long process, if last year taught me anything.  It starts off very promising — warm weather seems just around the corner! —  but it seems to stretch out until basically July. 

Then there are a few short weeks of summer — make the most of them!  Autumn arrives in early September.

So although it’s warmer and sunny in the days, at night it still feels cool and damp.  We light a fire almost every night, and the six of us hover around it absorbing the warmth.  It’s cozy. 

Some nights we watch TV, some nights I read Harry Potter out loud to whichever children are interested in listening.  Some nights we play pictionary or trivia games or cards.  Just about every night, though, finds the six of us gathered in the living room around a warm fire, hanging out.  I think it’s my favorite part of the day.

I know it won’t last — as we roll toward June, the sun won’t set until somewhere around 10PM, so the children (and Matt and I, honestly) will be out in the garden playing and relaxing and soaking up all the light we can get.  And I will love that too.

But for now, there’s no place I’d rather be than snuggled up next to the fire with my favorites.


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