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Sometimes I see things on the internet and I think — man, everyone should read this/know this, so I might share it on Facebook or tweet it.  And like four people probably read it.

But then I thought it would be better to post a little compilation of links to things you definitely should know about every so often.  (And it helps me too, ’cause I won’t lose the links!)

Also, today is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday which is largely ignored by the English, celebrated minimally by the Irish, and a really big deal to the Americans (particularly those in Boston and New York, it seems).  Since I am an American from Boston in England of Irish descent (and traveling to Ireland next week), I am in a weird place for this holiday, but I do love it and feels like home, so I’m celebrating — Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Now, here’s the list of things that I think we should all know about this week.  Go, read, and be more knowledgeable!

This simple explanation of the female anatomy — some of which I honestly did not know, despite the fact that I have indeed been a female for almost 38 years.

How all 158 members of the Irish parliament feel about Beyonce.  Hysterical.

Really great skiing-with-kids advice from a mom of two in New England.

Very detailed and specific information on how to get involved in local politics (and RESIST!) from a dedicated group of former congressional staffers.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg works out with a personal trainer twice a week.  And she bench presses more than you do. (Fine, more than I do.  But I have a bad shoulder, so…)

The oxford comma is important, necessary, and apparently worth a bit of money. (See what I did there?)


See something on the internets that I should include in this list of things people should know? Email it to me at






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3 thoughts on “Things You Need To Know

  1. Mish

    I didn’t realize how important an Oxford comma was before OR!

    And I pinned the female anatomy link. It has good teaching pictures when the time is right.


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