The Week From Hell

You know that saying that when it rains, it pours?  Well, we got caught in a monsoon last week.

None of the things that happened were, by themselves, THAT bad.  They were major-ish issues, but nothing you can’t deal with.  We just had them one after the other in a string of events that left me wondering what I’d done to piss karma off so badly.

It started right after Quinn’s birthday — we dropped Matt’s car off at the mechanic to be inspected so we could renew the registration.  It failed the inspection, and it was going to cost more to fix the car than the car is realistically worth.  So we sold it for parts and we’re down to one car while we look for a replacement.  And we’re only in England for another 15 months, so we’re trying to decide what to do.  Plus, my parents are here, so we’re limited on where we can go, because we can’t REALLY fit eight people in my car. And we have to leave early for school every day because I have to drop Matt at work on the way to drop the kids at school, so mornings have been a bit more chaotic than usual while we adjust to the new schedule (which is hopefully temporary).

We’ve had construction going on in our rental house for two months now; there was a leak from the master bathroom into our kitchen that turned out to be a pretty major problem.  When the bathroom was initially installed years before we lived here, the tiles weren’t set quite right and water was able to pool in places in the shower.  Eventually that broke down the waterproof layer between the tiles and the sub-floor. So the whole bathroom had to gutted, the sub-floor replaced, and all new tiles put in.  It’s still a work in progress and we’ve had construction in our master bathroom for over eight weeks now and all of us are using one shower.  Annoying, but not THE worst. 

Until…the ceiling in the kitchen under the HALLWAY bath started dripping last week.  We called the plumber and he made an emergency visit and had to re-seal the tiles in a few places where grout had cracked.  Nothing major again, but a full day with NO shower.  And eight people in the house.  Thank goodness my parents are good sports.

Then…we discovered that we had bed bugs in our master bedroom.  This one WAS a bad one, even alone.  It was not a major problem, it was only in my bedroom, but UGH.  So, so gross.  Most likely it is because of all the traveling we’ve done — rental homes and hotels are common places to pick that up.  We called in a pest control person to treat the room, and just to be safe, we decided to treat ALL the bedrooms.  In order to do that, though, we had to take ALL the clothing for ALL the people out of the closets and dressers and launder them.  ALL.  We have a lot of people, and each of us has a lot of clothes.  Plus all the towels and sheets and blankets.  Thankfully there is a huge laundromat nearby, so we were able to get ALL of it done in a single exhausting day.  But now we have ALL the clothes for ALL the people sorted, folded, and stacked in my dining room while we wait to be sure that the treatment worked and the problem is resolved and we can safely move it all back upstairs.  My dining room is PACKED, we’re eating dinner standing at the kitchen counter, and I can. not. wait to get everything put away where it all belongs.

And then, while we were in the process of figuring out that nightmare, we got a call from our accountant that we owe taxes this year.  For the first time EVER actually.  It’s not a major bill, but it was like a kick in the gut.  And just another crap item to add to the list of our crap items last week.

And THEN, my car had a problem — nothing major, but an annoying slow leak in a rear tire that resulted in a surprise flat.  It will be easy enough to fix but seems like a big deal since that is currently our ONLY car.

None of these issues is the end of the world.  We’ll deal with all of them and move on.  Worse things have happened and we’re all gonna live.  But MAN, the last ten days have sucked.

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3 thoughts on “The Week From Hell

  1. Jerry snd Alice Foltz

    Jessica, I don’t know how soon you will see this: we are coming to London with Michael Baylock and his cousin Sarah for a week, July 18 to July 25. We would love to see you all. We stay on Notting Hill but expect to roam widely. Any suggestions are welcome and chance to meet would be great. I am at 703-346-6184.


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