Politics and Religion

Religion and Politics.  The two topics you’re supposed to avoid, right?  Because everyone feels so strongly about them, because no opinion on either of those topics is lightly held.  So don’t talk about it!  People will take offense!


We should talk about the things that matter.  You – me – we all should talk about the things we’re passionate about, whether that’s religion and politics or underwater basket weaving or cooking or fashion or international relations or cars or computer coding.  Whatever it is you LOVE, that is what I want to talk to you about, what I want to hear your opinions on.  The things we care about are the things that make us interesting.

I can talk for HOURS on the merits of traveling with your children.  Or on schools and education and how a good school can change your whole life.  Or about home decorating and why I believe it matters that your surroundings are both beautiful and functional.  Or food and why it’s so important to eat real food and cook real food and teach your children to do that.  Or why it’s absolutely vital that kids have chores. 

And I can talk for days about politics, government, the role of a free press, why our institutions matter.  And about religion and it’s many blessings and curses and why I’m not religious even though I believe in God and how I try to teach my children to figure that out for themselves.

Those are the discussions I want to have.  That’s what connects us, what builds relationships, what makes life interesting.  That’s the good stuff.

So tell me what you love, what you’re passionate about. Teach me why I should care about that thing, teach me something new, give me your opinion. I’m all ears. 

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One thought on “Politics and Religion

  1. Mish

    I’m definitely passionate about underwater basket weaving!

    My passion is organization of home, family, work, etc. putting plans in place to make things run smoothly.


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