Going Home

When we left D.C. to move to England, we did so with the full understanding that we’d be moving back home within two years or so.

The best laid plans…

We will be leaving England in the summer of 2018, a year longer than we originally intended to stay.  But we won’t be going to back to D.C.

We’re selling our house in Virginia (it’s on the market now – interested? EMAIL ME!).  It’s sad in so many ways — that is the house my babies know as “home”, where they learned to ride bikes and where they played with their friends, where they started preschool and trick-or-treated every year.  No matter how many years we live in England, I don’t know that it would never be home, even though we love it here. 

But it’s also really exciting.  Because when we do go back to the States, we’re moving to Massachusetts.  And THAT is home for me. 

When I moved from Boston to California at the age of 23, I did not imagine that I wouldn’t be back to live there for fifteen years.  But things happen, plans change, time passes.  We made a really great life in D.C. for over a decade, and we’re making our years in England as full of adventure and fun as possible.  I wouldn’t change one thing we’ve done or one decision we’ve made in the fifteen years since I moved away.

I know this move will be harder on Matt and the kids than it will be on me.  There are lots of sad things about this move — being further away from Matt’s family in MD and the friends we love and will miss seeing every day, our beloved swim seasons at the pool in our neighborhood, the  house that we made our home and the wonderful neighbors on our pipestem.  But I also know that there are so many things to look forward to, and that no matter where we live, we’ll be happy. 

I can’t wait to have summers where the beach is just a ten minute drive away and the weather is hot but not sweltering.  I can’t wait to have winters where snow is guaranteed and skiing — good skiing — is a two hour drive north.  I can’t wait to watch the Red Sox and the Patriots games on TV instead of the Nats and Redskins.  I can’t wait to be back in Boston, my city, and watch my kids get to know it as more than a place they visit once a year.  I can’t wait to be near my parents and my sisters and their kids for the first time since any of us became mothers.  I can’t wait to see my old friends and watch my children play with theirs. 

I can’t wait to go home.

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