This is Fourteen

This is fourteen years: you wake up in the morning, get breakfast, empty the dishwasher, help get the kids ready for the day, open Facebook and see that it says “Happy Anniversary”, double check the date on the calendar, and realize that it IS, in fact, the 14th anniversary of the day you got married. 

And you both laugh.  You say, I remembered it was coming a few days ago, but then it slipped my mind again.  He says, same.

Fourteen years is multiple daily phone calls verifying who is picking up which children, when, from where.  Discussions about what to cook for dinner and coordinating youth sporting events.  Conversations about mortgage rates and retirement accounts, the pros and cons of specific healthcare plans.  Then laughing at yourselves over how exciting your life has become. 

Fourteen years is buying each other the exact same gift for an anniversary present.  Cause you know each other so well, cause you love so many of the same things.  Except it’s tickets to a show and you can’t return one set of tickets.

Fourteen years is him playing a video game while you shop for Christmas gifts online on your anniversary night.

Fourteen years is all that not mattering because regardless of the date, you’re a team in all ways and in all things, every day, all day and no matter what you’re doing, you’re happy to be together. 

Fourteen years is when the other person is as familiar to you as your own self, but still the person you’re most excited to see and talk to every day about anything.  Even mortgage rates.

Fourteen years is still holding hands when you walk anywhere together and your kids telling you how weird you are and getting grossed out when you give each other a kiss.

Fourteen years is better than I ever imagined.  Thank you, babe. 

Happy Anniversary.

(Yesterday. But I didn’t have time to write this then.  But that’s okay, because this is fourteen years.)


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3 thoughts on “This is Fourteen

  1. Karen Rushing

    Happy Anniversary yesterday! I always celebrate your second wedding in July. Thanks for making my son so happy for 14 years, for giving us amazing grandkids, thank you❤️


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