Working from Home

Ten years ago this month I started working from home.  I had two little babies: Bridget was three and Gabe was one and oh my goodness they were babies.

Look at my baaaaabies…

I had just learned I was pregnant with Owen a few weeks earlier.

I worked as a consultant for a defense contractor and the project I was on needed a part-time person who could work 24 hours a week.

I volunteered to take the 40% pay cut if it meant I could work from home.  My boss agreed.

I haven’t worked in an office since.

It’s been a decade.  A decade.

I’ve had two more kids.  I stopped working entirely after the fourth one, but only for a year. 

Then I started teaching yoga. 

Then I started free-lancing.  Then I took the job I have now and have had for three years, also this month.

Man, how long ago it seems when I was sitting at my desk in the living room – the desk you can see peeking around the edge of the wall in the photo below, while B & G played in the playroom.

That time can seem to fly by so quickly and yet that this scene can feel like a lifetime ago is a riddle I’ll never solve.

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