These Days

These days are filled with lots of hockey and football match-watching, Matt and I shivering on the sidelines in many, many layers of clothes and coats and scarves and hats while the boys run past us sweating in t-shirts and shorts. 

Nightly homework overseeing, insisting on use your best handwriting and read the directions before you ask mom or dad what you’re supposed to do. Weekly quizzing on history and chemistry and times tables and French verbs.

Endless school uniform sorting and bag packing, lost item searching and finding and laundry washing all the day and night always and forever.

The sun is up in the morning when I wake up now, and doesn’t set until almost the time I get home from picking the kids up from after school clubs.  It’s still cold out but at least there is sunshine.  Occasionally, anyway.  (It is England, after all).

Bridget is in the final weeks of rehearsals for the school play.  She’s playing one of Prospera’s Spirits in the Tempest.  Her first speaking role.  We have front row seats booked for the last night of the play.

We sold our house.  Matt flies home to pass papers in less than two weeks.  Finality is a double edged sword and saying goodbye is hard even when new adventures beckon.

These days I am working hard to live in the present while my mind races five months down the road.  Anticipation is another blessing/curse: a chance to revel in excitement and what-could-be while simultaneously robbing today of attention to imagine a tomorrow we can’t yet know.

So these days are devoted to a little of both: looking ahead and being here now.  I want to remember all these days.

Looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them.

— Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery)

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