My name is Jessica.  I’m a writer, an adventure-seeker, a mother to four kids, and a wife to Matt.  We are an American family living in England for a few years, traveling as much as possible and learning about living in a new culture.  Little Nesting Doll is all about the many layers that make up my life — and, I think, all our lives — family and friends, travel and adventure, life and style, parenting and motherhood.

I graduated from Boston University with a degree in PR, Marketing & Communication in 2001, having given up on my original English degree for a major with better career prospects.  One week into my first post-college job at a prestigious PR firm in Boston, 9/11 happened. Within three months I’d been laid off, re-evaluated my life choices, and enlisted in the Army.

The Army kindly sent me to language school in Monterey, California, where I met Matt in January 2003.  We started dating that May, got engaged in July, and married in December 2003. 

Then we had four kids in five years.  Bridget, my only daughter, is now 13, and my three boys, Gabriel, Owen, and Quinn, are, respectively, 11, 9, and 7.

For more than a decade, I juggled career and family, work and life, with varying degrees of success and satisfaction.  I finally found myself in my writing, and have gladly worked as a freelancer for several years, blogging, crafting and editing web content, and writing product descriptions for businesses both big and small. 

It feels good to be doing what I love; it turns out that a degree in Communication was spot on.

Little Nesting Doll is all about the many layers of life — the big and little things, the happy and sad, the silly and real.  I write about my children and my husband and what works for our family, about school and traveling and food and design and books and all the million things that make up my life.  All those layers add up to make me who I am.

In addition to writing here and on other sites online, I also work as the Communications and Social Media Manager for a non-profit called the Officer Down Memorial Page. ODMP is the largest law enforcement memorial in the US, paying tribute to more than 22,000 officers in US history who have given their lives in the line of duty.  I consider it a privilege to have a small part in that.

To make my already pretty amazing life even more awesome, my not-so-little family moved from D.C. to England in the summer of 2015.  Initially we planned to be here for at least two years, but we stretched it to three.  We’ll be heading back to America in the summer of 2018.  But for now, we’re living in the English countryside, my children switch effortlessly between British accents in school and American at home, and we’re navigating the changes and adjustments that living abroad requires.  It’s an adventure and I love everything about it.  Even the hard parts.

If you want to contact me, shoot me an email at jessica@littlenestingdoll.com—I’d love to hear from you.

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