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A Woman’s Work: Samantha

A Woman's Work: Samantha

Samantha is my baby sister, but she’s not a baby anymore.  She is thirty, a new mom, and an entrepreneur, although she probably hates that term.  Sam was born when I was just shy of my 8th birthday, so I’ve always thought of her as little.  She’s not though, she’s a full-fledged grown up.  (She […]

A Woman’s Work: Alexis

A Woman's Work: Alexis

Alexis and I were roommates in college.  She is one of those women who always seems to know what she’s doing and is confident and calm in all her decisions.  Since we graduated, she’s done some pretty amazing stuff — she’s lived in Japan, Manhattan, and Istanbul and traveled all over the place.  She spent […]

A Woman’s Work: My Story

A Woman's Work: My Story

To start this new column off, I thought I better be willing to answer the same questions I’m posing to the amazing women who have already agreed to talk about A Woman’s Work. I tried really hard to answer the questions as though I were being asked by someone else and I hope that’s clear […]

A Woman’s Work

A Woman's Work

Growing up, I always assumed I’d work.  It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t, in fact.  My mom always worked — often in jobs she didn’t love because those were the jobs available to a mother with three daughters and a husband who worked more than full-time.  My mom was a full-time parent, but […]

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