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Third Eleven

me and Owen standing cheek to cheek in front of a blue sky and fall foliage at the top of a mountain in NH

We arrived back in America four days before your birthday last year, so you’ve officially completed your first trip around the sun back in the U.S. and I think it was a good one. You’ve grown what seems like 6″, although you haven’t gained an ounce I don’t think. Still skin and bones and protruding […]


Quinn in a pink bathrobe reading a birthday card with a look of excitement on his face

I’m six weeks late with this important birthday post, but since we’re waiting until it’s a little warmer to have your birthday (pool) party AND your birthday present Red Sox game got rained out and delayed until June, I’m going to include this long-awaited post as part of the extended celebration. You are nine now, […]

A Dozen Years

A Dozen Years

A dozen years have passed since I became a mother to a son.  As I’ve said frequently before, having never had brothers, having never seen firsthand what it was like to mother a boy, I didn’t have a good idea of what that would entail. I imagined lots of very smelly dirty socks and climbing […]

Double Digits, Eleven Days Late

Double Digits, Eleven Days Late

Eleven days ago, on July 15th, I missed posting about your birthday. I’d like to blame technical difficulties (I did forget to bring my laptop to Nana & Pappy’s cottage), but the truth is that four days after arriving in the U.S. I was just too overwhelmed to write a coherent sentence.  A lot happened […]

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