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Third Eleven

me and Owen standing cheek to cheek in front of a blue sky and fall foliage at the top of a mountain in NH

We arrived back in America four days before your birthday last year, so you’ve officially completed your first trip around the sun back in the U.S. and I think it was a good one. You’ve grown what seems like 6″, although you haven’t gained an ounce I don’t think. Still skin and bones and protruding […]


Quinn in a pink bathrobe reading a birthday card with a look of excitement on his face

I’m six weeks late with this important birthday post, but since we’re waiting until it’s a little warmer to have your birthday (pool) party AND your birthday present Red Sox game got rained out and delayed until June, I’m going to include this long-awaited post as part of the extended celebration. You are nine now, […]

English Christmas Traditions

English Christmas Traditions

Traditions are the foundation of memory.  What we do, year after year, what we look forward to and repeat and hold dear and celebrate, is what shapes how we remember our lives. As parents, Matt and I have worked over the past decade-plus to create traditions, especially around celebrations like Christmas and birthdays, that define […]

Truths About Eleven

Truths About Eleven

You know what I love about you, my Gabey-baby? Everything. You’re happy, thoughtful, responsible, loving, funny, helpful, interesting, curious, earnest, silly, kind, and caring.  You are all those things, and that is the truth. Lest I be accused of bias, though, and in order to demonstrate that I am not oblivious to your faults, I’ll […]

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