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Scenes from the Village

Scenes from the Village

The village where we live is tiny and adorable.  There are probably no more than 40 homes, and our house, at 200+ years old, isn’t even close to the oldest one.  Our neighbors’ house has original sections that date back 400 years.  The church next door is 700+ years old.  The pub (every good village […]

Children’s Rooms

Children's Rooms

Our house in D.C. only had three upstairs bedrooms.  In that house, all three boys shared one room.  We had three beds (a set of bunks and a single), three tall dressers, one small closet for hanging clothes, and one large closet with a window where we had a desk and shelves for their books.  […]

Kids’ Chores Update

Kids' Chores Update

We’ve officially revived our morning chore routine, just as I said we would back in February, and I could not be more glad.  I wanted to give a little update on how we do it, what works for us, and why I love it. Every morning, each child has a single chore that takes no […]

Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels

When Matt and I went to Turkey a few years ago for our friends’ wedding (the one with the best wedding reception story EVER), the one thing I really wanted to bring home as a souvenir was Turkish towels.  I bought some at the Grand Bazaar, gave a few as gifts, and then kept just […]

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