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She’s Thirteen

She's Thirteen

No other moment in my life has been as significant, as life-altering, as all-encompassing than the moment of your birth.  You came into this world and simultaneously the old me left it; with your entrance into this life, I became a mother.  Nothing, not one other thing, has so defined me.  For the last thirteen […]

Nine Years Old

Nine Years Old

Whenever I sit down to write my birthday posts to you, I always go back and read the last few years’ posts to see what I said and what I think has changed.  What strikes me when I read the words I wrote about you at six, seven, and eight is how little has changed […]

The Halfway Point

The Halfway Point

Tomorrow marks 18 months since we moved to England.  We’re here for another 18 months before we head back to America.  This is the halfway point. And still I sometimes can’t believe we’re even here and we made this happen.  I love living in England,I truly do.  I love that we did this big thing […]

Women’s March on Washington

Women's March on Washington

Tomorrow is the Women’s March in Washington D.C.  On days like this, I wish I still lived there.  I would be at that march in a heartbeat.  I’m proud to know a lot of friends and neighbors in D.C. who are going. I’m even prouder to say that my parents are driving all the way […]

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