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Working from Home

Ten years ago this month I started working from home.  I had two little babies: Bridget was three and Gabe was one and oh my goodness they were babies.

Look at my baaaaabies…

I had just learned I was pregnant with Owen a few weeks earlier.

I worked as a consultant for a defense contractor and the project I was on needed a part-time person who could work 24 hours a week.

I volunteered to take the 40% pay cut if it meant I could work from home.  My boss agreed.

I haven’t worked in an office since.

It’s been a decade.  A decade.

I’ve had two more kids.  I stopped working entirely after the fourth one, but only for a year. 

Then I started teaching yoga. 

Then I started free-lancing.  Then I took the job I have now and have had for three years, also this month.

Man, how long ago it seems when I was sitting at my desk in the living room – the desk you can see peeking around the edge of the wall in the photo below, while B & G played in the playroom.

That time can seem to fly by so quickly and yet that this scene can feel like a lifetime ago is a riddle I’ll never solve.

The End of an Era: Outgrowing the Baby Stage

My babies_May 2010

Without even realizing it was happening, we left behind the Baby Stage and set off for uncharted territory.  All my kids are big now.

When you’re in those baby years, it’s so all-encompassing it’s impossible to imagine life any other way. Your entire day is spent doing something for someone else: dressing them, feeding them, cleaning them, entertaining them.  Buckling car seats, tying shoes, cutting up food, all for someone that is not you.

baby B and skinny mommy

You become so used to living with the expectation of getting puked on and wiping butts and  sleeping with a small foot in your rib cage that it’s second nature.  Then when it ends, it’s so gradual you don’t even realize it’s happening.

And suddenly you’re out of it and you look around at these giant children in your house and wonder where your babies went.

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