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For Auld Lang Syne

the first chapter is new years dayI love New Years, and though some people scoff that you could start anew any day of any year, for most of us I think we often need a push to make big changes.  The New Year gives us all that reminder, tangible and solid, that today is a clean slate. With great anticipation I plan to make the most of it.

Every year has happy moments and sad, good memories and bad.  It is the balance that builds a full life, and it is with a grateful smile and a happy heart that I say goodbye to 2015. 

This past year, for me, was epic: a turning point, a life-changer, a new beginning.

Despite some sad days, I’ll never, ever look back on this year with anything but awe and gratitude.  Years of working and months of waiting and a dream came true; we made it come true.  2015 was the year of Adventure for our family, and I think we wrung out every bit of it we could.  I think 2016 will be our Year of Traveling.  We’re planning to expand our horizons even further and explore every place we can get to.  

I am mindful of the fact that while 2015 was an amazing year for my family, it was not so for everyone.  I hope that wherever it brought you and whatever it left you — good or bad– you’re looking ahead to a new year with hope.

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. — C.S. Lewis


What I learned from this past year is that change is hard but it is worth it.  Adventure is never a bad choice.  I learned that some lives are long and some are not, but what matters is not the length but the breadth and depth.  Time does not a good life make.

I hope I can take everything I’ve learned in the last year and apply it.  I hope I can continue to build a life I love.  I hope you can too.

Happy New Year, my friends.  Start today and make it your best one yet.

With Clear Purpose


The purpose of this adventure, is, of course, to see new places and live in a new culture and travel and have new experiences.

But at the very core of it all, my purpose is to show my children that we can be brave.  We can do hard things.  We can — and will — try something new.  We don’t have to cling to the familiar, we can embrace the unknown and in doing so, become new, better versions of ourselves.

We can be nervous about how it will go, but that won’t make us turn back.  We’ll take chances, try new things.  Not reckless chances, mind you.  Thoughtful ones.  Is thoughtful abandon a thing?  That’s how we want to live — with thoughtful abandon.

We won’t live the life we were handed.  We’ll make our own life, based on active choices and without fear.  We will let experience and change shape us, and then decide how we want to live based on who we become.

And so, with clear purpose, we move on into this new life.  We will be brave.  We will actively choose to try something new, something different, and see where it leads us.  That is the point.  That is what I want my children to take away from this.  (That, and maybe a cute British accent.)


It’s completely symbolic, I know—I could choose at any random point in the year to make a resolution, to change something in my life, to start anew.

But somehow, when the calendar flips to January, it seems not just more possible, but almost necessary to examine my life and see how and where I can improve it.

It’s energizing and empowering; I can change, I can set new goals, I can dream big.  Even if it doesn’t all pan out in the end, self-reflection is a worthwhile exercise.

This year, more than any other, I was very specific and intentional in thinking about what I want to achieve.

My first resolution, I’m embarrassed to admit, is completely selfish.  In fact, this resolution is almost scary to me, but I think that just indicates how important it should be.  More than anything else this year, I want to stop feeling guilty about making myself (and specifically my appearance) a priority.  When I get my hair cut regularly, get my nails done even occasionally, buy myself clothes that fit and are stylish, put on make-up on a daily-ish basis, I just feel better.  I’m more confident, less self-aware, and happier.  All of that makes me a better wife, mother, friend.  And yet, for years I’ve not really made any of those things a priority AT ALL.  I’m erratic at best, and it’s time to stop.

This is the year, though, where I’m going to do it.  And I’m not EVENTUALLY going to do it.  I’ve already started: I got a haircut last week that I’m really happy with, I signed up for Birchbox to get some new make-up and skin care goodies, and between Christmas gifts and a few post-Christmas shopping sessions, I’ve gotten a bunch of great new shoes and outfits.  I’m getting a manicure next week and I’m hoping to make it a monthly occurrence.

And I don’t feel guilty about it.  It’s my turn.

My other big resolution has to do with my writing.  I love to write; it’s how I process the world around me, it’s how I clarify my thoughts, it’s how I record the moments I don’t want to forget.  It’s what I do best.  Since I left my full-time job 4.5 years ago, I’ve dabbled in freelance work.  I’ve blogged here and at a few other places and I’ve done odd writing jobs here and there.  I’m happiest when I’m working—when I’m writing—and it’s the thing I’d most like to do as a career and a lifestyle.

So this year, I will write.  Daily.  Whether it’s journaling, blogging, writing short stories (or long stories), writing copy and web content, I will write.  I will write here, and I hope you’ll all follow along.  I will write other places—I’m looking for free-lance opportunities, thinking about pitches, and getting a portfolio together—and I hope that this year, finally, I can confidently call myself a writer.

And, like I said before, 2015 is my year for Adventure.  Now that all my children are old enough, we are actively seeking out ways to explore our area and we are gleefully anticipating the opportunity to explore a much broader world as well.  We are going to try new things.  We will be adventurers.

I look ahead at the potential this year holds and I’m bursting with excitement to get started on all of it.

Big or small, resolutions matter.  What will you do this year?

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