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Mondays and Coffee

may your coffee be strong

I’ve read about “bulletproof coffee” before but never actually tried it because butter in coffee sounds not that good.  And I need my coffee to be good so I can function.

Then I saw a recipe for coconut oil coffee (and you know what a fan of coconut oil I am) and for some reason coconut oil in coffee sounded less weird.  Matt had actually read something about the health benefits of coconut oil just a few days before, and so he also wanted to try it. 

The verdict: it’s really GOOD!  I don’t think we’d do it every day, but it was definitely tasty. (The Pioneer Woman also agrees!)  I am not sure it gave me more energy than normal coffee, but I’d definitely do another test and pay more attention to that next time. 

Have you ever tried coffee with either butter or coconut oil?  Would you?

Also, my ode to coffee, and a lovely scone recipe to have with your morning coffee.


The Best Face Wash Ever (And Moisturizer, too!)

i love lucy face wash

Cruising through Facebook one day, I saw a picture of my friend Andrea in my feed and just thought, WOW, her skin is seriously amazing.  Andrea is a make-up artist, so I assumed she knew the very best products.  I asked her what she used to make her skin so gorgeous, and her answer completely surprised me.

Coconut Oil.

She washes her face AND moisturizes with coconut oil.  And her skin is AMAZING.


I have always had sort of oily skin, so I steer clear of anything with extra oil.  But after Andrea’s info, I did more research.  Everything I read said coconut oil will NOT make your skin oily.  It’s also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so it gets the yuck off your skin without harsh chemicals.

I decided to try it, and if my skin went oil-crazy, I could stop and go back to my old stuff.  You guys, It’s been over a month now and I’ll never go back.  No breakouts at all, even though I’m smearing straight oil on my face.  No oiliness at all, in fact.  Just really, really soft smooth skin.  I am IN LOVE with how my skin feels.  (And it looks pretty good too.)

I absolutely love that I am able to use a wholly natural, chemical free product.  It feels so much safer than slathering on products created with chemical ingredients I can’t pronounce.

Although there are tons of recipes for making face wash with coconut oil and essential oils or whipping it into a cream, I honestly didn’t do any of that.  (If you type “coconut oil face wash” into the Pinterest search bar, you’ll pretty much be inundated with ideas.)  I literally just use straight organic raw coconut oil.  I keep some in a small plastic container in the shower and wash my face with it.  I also keep a jar with my make-up and I use it as moisturizer.  (And I now use it to shave and as body lotion.  Apparently it’s the only thing I’ll ever need for my skin care.) 

I think it cost me $7 for a GIANT jar and I use a TINY bit each day, like a dollop the size of a pea.  This single jar will last me months, without a doubt.  SOOOOO much less expensive than the face wash and moisturizer I was buying before, and sooooo much more effective at making my skin look nice.  Winning!

There are tons of other uses for coconut oil as well — for hair growth, weight loss, oil pulling, tooth brushing…you name it.  I haven’t really branched out yet, but I may try some of those now that I’ve seen how awesome it is.

I’m not telling you what to do, but you should totally try it.  (And thank me later!)

Also, there was the time I had a hair care breakthrough, and my favorite products for eyebrow care.


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