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Mondays and Coffee

may your coffee be strong

I’ve read about “bulletproof coffee” before but never actually tried it because butter in coffee sounds not that good.  And I need my coffee to be good so I can function.

Then I saw a recipe for coconut oil coffee (and you know what a fan of coconut oil I am) and for some reason coconut oil in coffee sounded less weird.  Matt had actually read something about the health benefits of coconut oil just a few days before, and so he also wanted to try it. 

The verdict: it’s really GOOD!  I don’t think we’d do it every day, but it was definitely tasty. (The Pioneer Woman also agrees!)  I am not sure it gave me more energy than normal coffee, but I’d definitely do another test and pay more attention to that next time. 

Have you ever tried coffee with either butter or coconut oil?  Would you?

Also, my ode to coffee, and a lovely scone recipe to have with your morning coffee.


I Like My Sugar With Coffee and Cream

I am fully, absolutely, and totally addicted to coffee.

I’m cool with that though.  There are worse things to be addicted to. 

When we first got in to the house here in England, we didn’t have any furniture or plates or even a fridge yet, but a coffee maker and four mugs were our very first purchases.  We take our coffee seriously in this house.

Now that we’re in Europe, I am not content to go buy coffee from the commissary on the American military base (although I could — it’s not close, but at least I understand how to buy groceries there).  No, it makes no sense to me to travel all the way here, then buy Dunkin’ coffee on post.

So I’m trying new brands.  It seems that the British have a coffee-rating system based on the intensity of the brew.  I like that. (Or maybe it’s in all of Europe, I don’t know yet.  I’ll keep you posted.)  Anyway, anything that helps me make choices in the grocery store here without a panic attack is a good thing.  We got a Level 4 Italian Roast last week.  It was good, but just a bit strong and bitter for the first thing in the morning.  This time I got a Level 3 called Tierra.  And it’s goooood. 

I like my coffee sweet-ish, but I don’t like to put sugar in anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Instead, I use maple syrup (and not Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemima — the real stuff!). It’s sweet but mellow, and a little goes a long way.  And I like my coffee with cream.  (Here though, as I said before, the cream selections confuse me.  So I’ve been using milk.  We do buy “full cream” whole milk, so it’s only one step shy of cream anyway, I guess.) 

My morning cup of coffee is a ritual I don’t think I could do without.  Although Monday through Friday, I slug it down amidst the chaos of breakfast and school prep for four children, my favorite is a weekend morning when I can sit and with Matt, drink our coffee, and figure out our weekend plans.

Everyone has a comfort food and coffee is mine.

Rude Awakening

cup of coffee

No matter how hard I tried, Matt wouldn’t tell me what was going on.  He wouldn’t make eye contact, he shied away from my touch.  I pleaded with him to tell me what was going on, why he was treating me so badly…

And finally he told me he was having an affair and he didn’t love me anymore.  He was leaving me.

And my heart broke into one thousand tiny pieces.  And then it healed into a heart made of stone and I turned my sadness into anger and I knew that I would live only to make his life hell.

And then I woke up and realized it had all been a dream — a nightmare, really — and it wasn’t real.

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