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Highs and Lows

road in the English countryside

We’ve been here a week now and it’s been more than a rollercoaster ride.  Ups and downs sandwiched in between highs and lows, smiles and tears, joy and frustration. 

Moving is hard.

We’ve already overcome obstacles both minor and major, and we’re learning to cope with a life that is both familiar and foreign all at once.  And today, we finally move out of the hotel and into our house.  We still won’t have furniture, though, for probably another week.  Another frustration to handle, hopefully with some grace and fewer gritted teeth and mumbled curses than I’ve employed in the past week.

I’ve got lots to share: our flight and how we handled luggage and the airport, our arrival in Heathrow — including a minor incident where we lost Quinn and Owen for a few minutes, our first few days in London, making our way out to the countryside and driving on the right/wrong side of the road, living in a hotel for over a week with four children and 20+ bags, our new house, the kids’ new school, buying cars, and the many differences I’m noticing between life in the US and life in the UK.

I never expected the early part of this transition to be easy, and I wasn’t surprised when it was hard.  Those moments of frustration, though, are often accompanied by a severe case of tunnel vision where I’m sure that things are ruined and will never be okay again.  (Oh, the drama.  I’m the Queen of it.)  Then we come out the other side and see that we worked through another difficulty, together, and that we’ll continue to do so as we adjust.  I’m working on remembering that in the moment, and not just in hindsight.

This week has been nothing short of phenomenal — exciting and fun and challenging and enlightening, maddening and disappointing and exhausting.  Matt and I keep catching each others’ eyes and grinning, realizing that we’re finally doing it, we’re making it happen, we’re living the adventure we talked about for so long. 

It’s amazing, every insane moment of it.


Our move is, ridiculously, pushed back another few weeks to early/mid-August.  For the last week or so we’ve been trying to get the details worked out, pushing to get things lined up so we could still leave at the end of July, but it just isn’t going to happen.

The issues we’re dealing with now are logistical and almost entirely out of our hands — we just learned that Matt’s company doesn’t handle the visa paperwork but that it’s our responsibility.  It’s a process that, unfortunately, is going to take a few weeks, even if we expedite. 

So August it is. 

I’m super frustrated because if we had known about this, we’d have handled it a long time ago.  But we simply weren’t given sufficient information, so now we’re paying the price.  At least we found out before we bought our plane tickets, so don’t have to deal with the additional potential complication of having to change our flights and pay those fees.  There’s always a bright side, I guess.

I’ve been overwhelmed in the past few weeks with the minutia of moving, the frustration of not being in control of so much of the process, and the day-to-day details of our normal life as well.  I’ve been short-tempered, irritable, impatient, and easily upset.  It’s hard on the kids, it’s hard on me, and it’s hard on Matt.  We’re living in a weird sort of limbo, and have been for so long, and although I think this is finally the homestretch, it’s the most frustrating part of the process yet.  I’m trying hard to focus on looking forward a month from now when, hopefully, I’ll finally be in England with my little family and loving life.

Until then, I’d appreciate it so much if you can send good thoughts that we can get through the next few weeks without any further hiccups and can finally get started on this next adventure!

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