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Gift Guide Round-up

2015 LND Holiday Gift Guides

If you’re looking for all my best gift ideas in one place, here they are:

For the Little Ones

For the Bigger Kids

For the Ladies

For the Men


Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

Gift Guide for the menSometimes I feel like guys are hard to shop for, but really, they’re not any different than women when it comes to getting gifts.  Most guys like clothes, home stuff, books, and art — they just like DIFFERENT clothes, home stuff, books, and art.  So really, if you pick a category off the Gift Guide for the Ladies, you can easily apply it to the men in your life!

Here are some ideas:

Books to Inspire

A seriously cool book that tells the story of a long-lost civilization now buried under the polar ice cap in Antarctica — except this is non-fiction; highly recommend!  Obviously the Ultimate Star Wars (maybe paired with tickets to see the new movie coming out this month)!  Or pick a topic he loves — jazz music, baseball, the Civil War — and get him a book he won’t be able to put down.

mens gift guide booksFingerprints of the Gods; Ultimate Star Wars


A classic, basically indestructible thermos.  A messenger bag handmade from upcycled vintage Belgian mail bags and an old leather jacket, basically the coolest bag ever.  A sweet phone-case-cum-pocket-square designed by Jimmy Fallon in conjunction with J.Crew.  Smart-touch winter gloves from the North Face so he can text and keep his hands warm at the same time.  And a travel mug wrapped in embossed leather, way cooler than your normal coffee cup.

mens gift guide accessoriesStanley Classic Thermos; Upcycled Belgian Leather and Canvas messenger bagThe Pocket Dial (Jimmy Fallon for J.Crew)The North Face Smart-touch Gloves; Aviator Leather Travel Mug


Because men wear scarves, too. 

gift guide for men scarvesPlaid scarf; Grey linen-blend scarf

Art Prints

Men like cool stuff to hang on the wall, too.  Either find something he’ll love that you might actually want in your living room, or get him something he can hang in his man cave (a framed vintage record sleeve, for example, or a signed photo from his favorite athlete). 

mens gift guide map printHistorical Map Print

Home Stuff

A leather catchall so he actually puts his wallet, watch, and keys where they belong (bonus: this item is from FashionABLE, so it helps women who have overcome!)  A personalized beer stein for his favorite brew.  The classic, must-have of all utility tools that you literally can use every day: the Leatherman.  A membership to a sweet wine club, so basically a gift that lasts months (and he will probably share with you)!  

mens gift guide home stuffTembo Leather Catchall (FashionABLE); Personalized Beer MugLeatherman Utility Tool; 90+ Cellars Wine Club Membership

Soft and Snuggly Something

A faux fur-lined trapper hat in a cool, subdued plaid.  Sherpa-lined slippers with a rubber sole — the best on a cold winter morning.  A fleece stadium blanket, perfect for watching sports (of both the professional and little league variety).

mens gift guide snuggle somethingFur-lined Trapper HatLL Bean Wicked Good Slippers; Flannel-lined Stadium Blanket

Same categories as my ladies gift guide, just with a slightly different spin.  I hope it helps!  Only two shopping weeks left!

Also, my ladies gift guide, my big kids’ gift guide, and my little kids’ gift guide!


Gift Guide: For the Bigger Kids

Gift Guide for the Big Kids

We are just about done with Christmas shopping here, but in case you’re still looking for gift ideas, I have another Gift Guide to share — this time for the bigger kids in your life.

As I mentioned, I do try to avoid toys as gifts if possible because I know that as a parent, we get SO MANY toys that another type of gift is often much appreciated.

For the slightly older kids, these are my favorite gift ideas:

h nichols macaroonsH. Nichols art prints for a girl’s room

I do really love giving wall art as a gift, and this artist, H. Nichols, is so fun!  Bridget and I both follow her on Instagram and any of her prints would be a sweet gift for a fashion-forward tween, teen, or even an adult!  I’d hang these in my room over my vanity as inspiration.

watercolor map wall artMap wall art for a boy’s room

I think boys tend to have fewer options for cool wall art, but it’s really important to make sure they have some so they don’t end up thinking art is just for girls!  This wall map comes in a ton of sizes so it could be a real statement.  I know my boys would like this in their rooms.  Actually… not a bad idea!


penny boardPenny Board skateboard or long board

My kids are sort of obsessed with these.  They’re fun, they come in tons of color combos, or you can even personalize your own.  Technically these are sort of a toy, but they would live in the garage or shed and therefore wouldn’t clutter up your living space, so I’m okay with it.  Make sure the recipient has a bike helmet. (And maybe wrist guards too, just in case!)


husband pillowHusband Pillow

Each of my kids has one of these on their beds and they use them every night for reading before going to sleep.  Plus they take them to the living room for movie watching.  They’re functional and useful and comfy.  And you can gift them along with…


HP Box Seta few books!

Obviously we love Harry Potter around here, but some other great book series for older kids are the Golden Compass books, The Penderwicks series (these are aimed more toward girls), or the Fablehaven books.  We also really love and recommend the Magic Tree House books and Fact Checkers for slightly younger readers (say up to age 8 or 9).

Finally, my kids really, really, really love office supplies, and I’ve had it verified by other parents that they are not alone in this!  Notebooks, cool pens, markers, stationery sets, highlighters, colored pencils, stickers, stamps, and cases to hold them all have always been popular at my house.  Strange but true.

Before we moved, one of our neighbors put together a Letter Writing kit for us, complete with paper, envelopes, stickers, pencils and pens, and even international stamps!  You could definitely put together a cool box like that and have it go over really well.

There’s only ONE MONTH left until Christmas Eve, so get shopping!

Also, here’s what we do for Sibling Gifts each Christmas, and these are the Gift-Giving Rules we try to follow each year.


Gift Guide: Five Great Gifts Ideas for Little Kids

Happy Baby Quinnie_Gift Guide

No matter how much some of us may want to deny it, the holidays are FAST approaching. I’m making my lists and checking them twice, and as I do, I’m thinking of some of the best gifts my kids have ever received and some of my favorite gifts to give.

In trying to get ahead of the holiday season just a little bit, I’m sharing my gift guide now in case you also want to get started (or finish up) on your shopping!

Keep reading to see my favorite gifts for the youngest set — these are great gifts for newborns all the way to elementary school-age!

Continue reading

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