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Inspirational Words

It is not the mountain we conquer

When we hiked the Path of the Gods in Italy, I worried for probably the first forty-five minutes of the hike that we couldn’t do it.  That it would be too hard, that the kids would get worn out or, worse, hurt.  That Matt and I had made a terrible mistake.

And then, suddenly, we got to the top, and I realized that we already HAD done it.  Walking up, while all that worrying was going on, we were doing exactly what I was worried we couldn’t do.

When we reached the ridgeline and I looked back and then I looked ahead, I saw that, even though we still had a few miles to walk, we’d done it.  The hard part was behind us and the rest was just cake.  I felt strong, I felt proud — so incredibly proud of my brave children and my husband who doesn’t question that we CAN — and I felt so grateful for every step of the adventure. 

Inspirational Words

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