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Menorca, Spain

I had to turn the heat on in my house today because it was so cold I couldn’t feel the tip of my nose.  While I waited for the radiators to heat up so I could lean against them and get warm, I flipped through the photo album from our summer trip to Menorca. 

Beaches and sunshine — even just in photos  — made me warmer.

Menorca is an island off the coast of Spain, the less-well-known sister to Ibiza and Mallorca. 

Quaint and relaxed and pristine, this was one of the most ruggedly beautiful places we’ve been. 

With a pool in the back yard of our fantastic Airbnb and two beaches within a five-minute walk from our house, this quick 4-day trip was all about relaxation. 

But because we can’t sit still for four straight days, it was also about kayaking and snorkeling and catamaran trips.

We sailed around the island on a big catamaran, jumped off the boat and explored hidden coves, fed the seagulls and the fish. 

My children took turns steering the boat.

The kids had never been snorkeling before, but we bought everyone fins and masks before the trip and they took to it, well, like fish to water. 

Fearless and curious, they swam around the coves and beaches in shallow pools and in water 20+ feet deep, searching out cool fish and crazy rock formations. 

A little octopus, maybe a foot across stretched out tentacle-to-tentacle made an appearance at the beach one day, wrapping himself around Matt’s shin to announce his presence, and for twenty minutes we all followed him and his swirling progress across the ocean floor, just amazed and mesmerized.

White sandy beaches surrounded by rocky cliffs.  Crystal clear water and nothing but sunshine for days on end. 

All the seafood we could eat. 

We baked in the sunshine, read books on the beach, climbed the rocks, and swam in the sea.  

We threw ourselves into the Spanish lifestyle, eating dinner at 9PM. 

Not all of us made it to dessert every night.

Whenever it’s cold this winter, when it’s rainy and windy and raw and damp and the chill gets in my bones and I just can’t get warm, I’ll look back on this trip and remember the perfect sun and it will get me through.

Menorca was amazing.  You should go.

Departures and Arrivals: Traveling with Four Children and LOTS of Bags

luggage stacks

This is probably going to be a more detailed post than most people really care to read, but if you’re interested in hearing about how we made it through two large airports with four children and tons of stuff, read on.  If not, I’ll write about something more exciting soon. 🙂

We packed as lightly as we reasonably thought we could, knowing that we needed to live with only what we had in our bags for probably four to six weeks.  But we still ended up with 23 pieces of luggage that needed to be handled.  There are six of us, after all.  And truth be told, not one of us is good at going without.

Some bags were small — my purse, the kids’ backpacks, Matt’s laptop bag — but some were HUGE.  We had six large LL Bean rolling duffle bags, in addition to two old rolling suitcases and a large garment bag.  Plus everyone had a carry-on bag.  And we had two booster car seats that Owen and Quinn still need.  That’s a lot of luggage to manage.

Want to hear how we did it and only lost two children for a very brief time in the process (for real)?  Read on…

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