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Laundry Room Dreams

It may be a sad sign of advanced adulthood that I literally have a dream laundry room designed in my mind that I covet and desire, but nevertheless, I do.

In our house in D.C. , the laundry room is the only unfinished space in the house.  It has concrete floors and walls, exposed pipes, all the utilities in the corner, and the ugliest scariest sink in the world sitting next to the washer and dryer.  Plus, it’s in the basement.  I fricking-fracking hate that; I’d have to carry heavy laundry baskets up and down two flights of stairs multiple times a day.  Poor planning.

I always thought the ideal location for a laundry room was on the same floor as the bedrooms, but our house in England has a laundry/mud room just off the kitchen and  It. Is. Awesome.  Now I think it’s actually the IDEAL location for a laundry room. 

Because I spend 90% of my waking hours either in the kitchen or at my desk in the next room, the laundry gets done here WAY more often and WAY more consistently because it’s two steps away from where I am.  I throw a load of laundry in while I’m waiting for my lunch to warm up in the microwave.  I flip the load while my tea is brewing.  And while I do have to carry the laundry up and down a flight of stairs, it’s worth the trip because MY LAUNDRY IS GETTING DONE EVERY DAY!

If the laundry room were upstairs by the bedrooms it’s true that I wouldn’t have to lug laundry baskets, but I also know I’d let dirty clothes pile up for days — I just don’t spend any time in the bedrooms during the day, so it wouldn’t be as on-my-radar as it is when it’s just off the kitchen.  And as Matt brilliantly pointed out, the carrying-laundry-DOWN-the-stairs problem, at least, could be solved with the installation of a laundry chute.  OMG, I would love that.

Our laundry room here is fairly awesome.  It has a large sink and a counter top which I use almost every day to soak stained clothes or to fold kitchen towels and napkins.  It has a huge window and a French door leading into our sunroom, so it’s always bright in there.  It has space for a drying rack and for the kids to put their giant sports bags.  It’s pretty sweet.

The one downside here is that the washer and dryer are small, European-sized appliances and a single cycle takes for-freaking-ever.  My washing machine has a “quick” 60-minute option, but I don’t think the clothes come out of that very clean, and the normal cycle takes over 2.5 hours!  The full dryer cycle is 160 minutes — almost three hours!  And if I’m drying towels, I have to put them on more than once.  It can take me literally upwards of 6 hours to do a single load of laundry because the cycles are so long.  Even if I flip the load as soon as both machines are done, I can basically only get two loads of laundry done in a day, MAX.  That’s not a ton when you’ve got six people in the house.

My dream laundry room has a huge capacity washer and dryer — big enough for a king size comforter, so then I could actually wash that at home rather than take it somewhere because it doesn’t fit in the washing machine.  It would have cabinet space where I could store cleaning supplies, extra paper goods, and off-season clothes like swim stuff in winter and hats/gloves/ski coats in summer.  It would have a big folding area, either a counter top or an island, so I could fold things straight out of the dryer.  And it would have space for at least four laundry baskets to stack or line up, because with six people in our house, we need a minimum of that many baskets.

Some day. Sigh…

What am I missing?  What would you have in your dream laundry room?  Do you already HAVE your dream laundry room, or are you still waiting for yours?

Here’s why I hated my laundry room in D.C., and here is what I want in my dream bathroom!


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