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With Clear Purpose


The purpose of this adventure, is, of course, to see new places and live in a new culture and travel and have new experiences.

But at the very core of it all, my purpose is to show my children that we can be brave.  We can do hard things.  We can — and will — try something new.  We don’t have to cling to the familiar, we can embrace the unknown and in doing so, become new, better versions of ourselves.

We can be nervous about how it will go, but that won’t make us turn back.  We’ll take chances, try new things.  Not reckless chances, mind you.  Thoughtful ones.  Is thoughtful abandon a thing?  That’s how we want to live — with thoughtful abandon.

We won’t live the life we were handed.  We’ll make our own life, based on active choices and without fear.  We will let experience and change shape us, and then decide how we want to live based on who we become.

And so, with clear purpose, we move on into this new life.  We will be brave.  We will actively choose to try something new, something different, and see where it leads us.  That is the point.  That is what I want my children to take away from this.  (That, and maybe a cute British accent.)

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