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Departures and Arrivals: Traveling with Four Children and LOTS of Bags

luggage stacks

This is probably going to be a more detailed post than most people really care to read, but if you’re interested in hearing about how we made it through two large airports with four children and tons of stuff, read on.  If not, I’ll write about something more exciting soon. 🙂

We packed as lightly as we reasonably thought we could, knowing that we needed to live with only what we had in our bags for probably four to six weeks.  But we still ended up with 23 pieces of luggage that needed to be handled.  There are six of us, after all.  And truth be told, not one of us is good at going without.

Some bags were small — my purse, the kids’ backpacks, Matt’s laptop bag — but some were HUGE.  We had six large LL Bean rolling duffle bags, in addition to two old rolling suitcases and a large garment bag.  Plus everyone had a carry-on bag.  And we had two booster car seats that Owen and Quinn still need.  That’s a lot of luggage to manage.

Want to hear how we did it and only lost two children for a very brief time in the process (for real)?  Read on…

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UK FlagI got my birthday wish.

We got the word last week that we are finally, FINALLY moving.  And it’s happening soon.  Six months of waiting, and we have six weeks to get everything done and get to England.

Even if I don’t sleep for the next six weeks, I’ll get it done.  I’m just so happy to be going!

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It’s Official (Mostly): We’re Moving

So a while back I hinted that big things were possibly happening here.  Now that it’s about 99.9% official, I can finally make the big announcement.

We are moving.

To England.

For at least a year, possibly two.

Insert hysterical laughter and excitement here.  I am almost positive my life will become a cross between Downton Abbey and Sherlock (the BBC version, obviously).  And that I will probably hang out with Will and Kate regularly.  Obvs.

We won’t be in London, as amazing as that would be, but instead about an hour or so north.  I actually think it could be the best of both worlds–living in the English countryside, but with easy access to the city for day trips.

The thing is, though, we don’t know exactly when.  We have a rough idea—it will probably be in January—but that’s as specific as it gets right now.  We’re moving because Matt’s company needs him to fill a position overseas, so we’re dependent on them to give us the dates.  That means right now we’re in a little bit of limbo.

But we are so, SO excited.  And so grateful to have this chance to experience life in a different county and be able to travel through Europe and see so many of the cool places we’ve always wanted to see.

Because we’re so excited about this amazing opportunity, we’re trying (fine, I’m trying) to be okay with having relatively little control over the details.  You know, like when we’re actually going.

But we are going.  Soon-ish.  And we have one hundred billion things to do in preparation, and another hundred billion plans in the works for all the things we’d like to do when we get there.

So that’s our big news.  What do you think?

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