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Adjusting to a New Kitchen


KelseyGerhard-15-1-rush-1After over eight years living in the same house in D.C., I got really used to cooking in my kitchen.  And I really LOVED that kitchen.

The new kitchen here in England had a lot to live up to — we left behind tons of cabinet space, tons of counter space, and a huge open eating area. 

We’ve found both pros and cons to the new space: we have far less cabinet space (not awesome), but we have a HUGE island that is amazingly convenient for cooking and baking and which everyone in the family completely gravitates to (so awesome).


We have an electric stove top instead of gas.  Not my fave: gas stove tops give you far greater control of the heat.  And we have a teeny tiny European size fridge, which makes it hard to buy enough for six people for a week.

But we have huge windows with gorgeous views and amazing natural light.  We look out the back window at an 800-yr old church. 

view from the kitchen window_LB

And we have a dance floor — a raised platform on one side of the kitchen — which I can assure you gets regular use.

The laundry room in this house is right off the kitchen, which means laundry gets washed and dried with far greater regularity here (it does not, however, get folded or put away in a timely manner).

And we have a formal dining room here, which I never had before.  Or ever thought I needed, in fact.  Now I kind of like it: although we usually eat breakfast and lunch at the kitchen island, we always use the dining room table for dinners, and we usually end up setting the table much more formally than we would if it was just the kitchen.  It’s kind of fun to use the place mats and chargers on a regular basis.

It’s been interesting adjusting to a new kitchen, but I’ve learned some things I like even more than what I had in D.C., and I really, really appreciate the amount of cabinet space we left behind and will probably never again take that for granted.

What do you love about your kitchen?  What would you change?

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Also, here’s my D.C. kitchen after the movers took all our stuff, and this is my UK kitchen when the movers delivered our furniture.


It’s All Happening

moving boxesFinally.  Holy-freaking-crap-finally.

The packers came on Monday and put every last little item we’re sending overseas in boxes.  Stacks and stacks of boxes.  The movers came on Tuesday and loaded all our stuff into a big truck and took it away.  We won’t see it for at least a month.

All we have left is what we’re carrying with us on the plane.  (Which, to be fair, is actually quite a lot of stuff.  But not compared to what they already took out.)

This adventure begins with us sleeping on the floor in our empty house for a few nights, which is sort of exciting.  It’s like camping!  But with air conditioning and indoor plumbing and electricity!  My favorite kind of camping.

Next Friday we’ll actually board a plane and be on our way.

Our flight leaves here at 10:30PM on Friday and takes seven hours.  With the five hour time difference between here and England, we’ll land in London at 10:30AM the next day (Saturday).  We’ve decided that we’ll spend the weekend in London instead of heading straight to the area where we’ll actually be living.  We want the kids to be excited and have fun, and since we we’ll be living in a hotel for a while anyway, we may as well be in a hotel in London instead of in the countryside.

We’ve got reservations for a place close to Paddington Station for two nights.  Quinn and Owen love Paddington Bear, so they’re pretty excited about the location.  We’re going to try to hit the big tourist spots that weekend — we want to see Buckingham Palace, let the kids walk through and play in Kensington Garden, maybe do a double decker bus tour, and definitely do the London Eye.  We may try to go to the Tower of London, but we’ll probably save the British Museum, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey for a later excursion.  We want to give the kids an overview, stroll the city, and play in the parks.  I can’t wait!

Sometime on that Monday, we’ll take the train out of the city to where we’ll be actually living.  We catch that train from Kings Cross Station, so obviously we’ll leave some time to find Platform 9 3/4 before we board our train.  The kids are almost as excited about that one thing as they are about the rest of the whole trip!  Once we get to where we’re living, we’re staying in a hotel probably for at least a week.  The Inn where we have reservations looks really cool and seems to have a great pub with an impressive menu.  We’ll have a rental car, but we’ll need to buy a car sometime in those first few days.  And Matt will have to start working, too!  So the kids and I will probably be driving him to work, then exploring the area during the days and picking him up in the evenings.  Eventually we’ll get two vehicles, but maybe not right away.

We are hoping to get into our newly rented house around the middle of the month.  We won’t have furniture for another few weeks after that, but at least we can have a kitchen and a yard for the kids to play in, and we can plan what we need to purchase for the house without also having to unpack a million boxes (like a new couch since we aren’t taking the one from our house here).

We’ll also get the kids ready for school!  They need uniforms, school supplies, and — most importantly — a tour of the actual school!  They won’t start classes until September 9th, so we have some time, but I know those first few weeks are going to fly by with everything we have to do.  I’m hoping the furniture arrives in four weeks instead of six weeks so we can have the house mostly set up before the school year begins.  Either way, though, we’ll make it work.

And that’s the plan for now.  I’m sure things will change and new developments will come up, but we’ll adjust on the fly as needed.  I’m so excited to just get there and get started.  Yay for new adventures!

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