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Packing for Italy

kids posing

Although I’m used to it by now, packing for six people for a trip is a PROCESS.  Partly because it’s just a lot of stuff to bring, and partly because I tend to overcomplicate things; I am a little OCD, a little anal-retentive, and so I cannot just throw stuff in a suitcase and call it a day. 

I like to think my organization pays off in the end.

I also always involve the kids in the process, for three reasons: 1) it’s a lot of work and I don’t feel like doing it by myself because it’s really not that fun, 2) they can’t complain about what they have packed if they helped pack it, and 3) eventually they’ll be able to pack themselves without my help because they’ve done it so many times. (Although Bridget is 11 and we’re not quite there yet, so I’m not sure when this will actually happen.  That could also be because I am a control freak though.)

Here‘s a detailed description of how we pack!  It’s a system that has worked for us for years — it works with 2-yr olds and it works with 11-yr olds.

This trip is a little easier to pack for than normal.  Because we’re going somewhere where the weather is so much warmer than it is in England, the clothes going into the suitcases are not at all the clothes we need to be wearing in the week leading up to the trip. 

And here are some more great packing trips from two of my favorite blogs —

Cup of Jo family packing

Hither and Thither packing for a toddler

And here are my tips for making travel a bit easier–all of these will come in handy for this particular trip!

Do you have any packing or traveling advice?

Also, do you have separation anxiety when you travel without your kids?


Preparation Mode

IMG_2266So we were wrong, it seems, about O and G being able to play on the same baseball team this season.  O made AA, which is really great and I’m very proud of him — he’ll be playing with kids 2 or 3 years older than him and he works really hard to be a good ball player.  But G made AAA, so he’s playing up too.  Again, proud.  But…no two boys on one team.  My plan was foiled. Dammit.

Now we have 3 baseball teams and a soccer team this spring.  We already know we’ll have practices 5 nights a week just based on the first two teams we’ve heard from.  And there will be 4 games every Saturday.  From April through June.

There’s no changing it.  No wishing for a slightly simpler schedule.  There’s nothing I can do to make it less busy.  The only thing left to do is prepare for it (just like last year).

We’ve got to make sure we have camp chairs in the cars.  And spare towels for after wet, muddy practices.  Water bottles probably need to be replaced so everyone has one each night for practice.  I’m looking through my crock-pot recipes for things I can cook in the morning, because that’s about the only way we’ll get a hot dinner.  And I’m letting go of the idea that we’ll eat dinner together (until June, anyway).  I’ve just got to take the pressure off myself a little on that one.

One thing I know I need to figure out is the uniforms.  It’s the worst to get up on a Saturday morning and realize that no one knows where their game socks are or the baseball pants never made it into the wash after practice or one of the soccer jerseys never got put in the dryer so it’s still wet and B has an early game. 

I’m considering getting each child a large mesh lingerie bag that they have to put their uniforms in when they take them off.  Then I can just make sure I have all four bags clean before the weekend and we (theoretically) should be good to go.  We already use mesh laundry bags for socks, so I think it might be time to expand into uniforms as well.

Games start in one month, so I have time to get ready.  And with the crazy schedule we’re going to have, I’ll need it.

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