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A Modest Proposal

Earlier this week, a bill calling for a total ban on abortions after twenty weeks passed in the House of Representatives.  Today, the Trump administration released a rule that allows employers to refuse to cover the cost of birth control for any reason whatsoever.  Women’s reproductive rights are under assault.

When access to birth control is limited, accidental pregnancies become more common.  When abortion rights are also curtailed, women have fewer options for dealing with unintended pregnancies. 

Since women already bear a disproportionate burden when it comes to preventing and dealing with unintended pregnancies, I have a solution — a modest proposal, if you will.

The government should simply mandate that all men have a vasectomy at about age 12, or at the onset of puberty.  

In order to prevent women from having to bear alone the full consequences of an accidental pregnancy while men face very few repercussions in that situation, this plan makes perfect sense.  After all, it’s much easier to take the bullets out of a gun than it is to wear a bulletproof vest all the time. 

And since government has long had no issue with involving itself in the reproductive systems of women, I’m sure all politicians will jump at the chance to curtail men’s reproductive rights as well!

It makes perfect sense and solves so many problems at once!

Women often go on birth control in their teens or early twenties when they become sexually active but do not yet want to become mothers.  The side effects of birth control are frequently difficult to deal with though — weight gain, acne, discomfort, bloating, mood swings — and the long-term effects of taking birth control or having a surgically implanted birth control device inside your body can be extremely detrimental to women’s health.  Now that insurers and employers no longer have to cover the cost of the medication or the procedure, it will be extremely costly for women as well.   

I am sure that most men have been searching for a way to take on more of the responsibility for the consequences of their sex lives.  We all know that it takes two to make a baby, and men have not had the opportunity to be equally involved in the PREVENTION side of the equation for too long. 

Let’s also state the truth: Abstinence only sex education doesn’t work — human nature and passion tend to win out over common sense in the heat of the moment.  But if every teenage boy were simply temporarily sterilized, teen pregnancy rates would plummet. 

And think — no unwanted pregnancies will also result in the lowering of abortion rates, which means that all true conservatives will agree with this plan! 

And fortunately, vasectomies are easily reversible, so men who want to bear children later in life can simply have another procedure then to enable them to become fathers.

Furthermore, if we simply legislate that the reversal of the vasectomy cannot be performed until AFTER the man gets married, we can also eliminate all instances of children being born out of wedlock. 


Women have borne the burden of birth control for most of human history, so it’s time for the men to step up and take one for the team.  I’m sure men will understand why it’s their turn and will gladly come forward to voluntarily undergo a vasectomy in order to alleviate the unnecessary weight that has been put on women for so long.

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