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Hidden Disasters

Monica's Messy ClosetFor the most part, my house is neat and clean and organized.

But there is one space in my house that I just can’t get a handle on — my laundry room.  I can’t get it the way I want it OR keep it the way I want it.  I can’t clean it alone and it’s a major project to even try to start, so I just keep throwing crap on the pile and closing my eyes.

It’s like Monica’s secret messy closet.  (Please tell me you get that reference.)

Hopefully I’m not the only one with a problem like this…

The first problem is that the laundry room is in the basement and there are sometimes bugs in the basement.  And I hate bugs.  A lot.  So I won’t move too many things around in the laundry room for fear of discovering a cricket.  I can only clean that room if Matt’s home to help (and kill any bugs we find).

The second problem is that it’s the only unfinished space in the house –concrete floors and walls — so it just looks yucky.  We could finish it, but that’s where all our utilities are (furnace, hot water heater, so many pipes) so we’d need to build a closet area to access that, and it’s just more complicated than we can deal with on our own.  So we leave it unfinished but that definitely contributes to the lack of love I feel for that room.

The final problem is that we put shelving in there planning to use it for storing dry goods like extra paper towels and tissues.  And then we started piling other crap on the shelves that we didn’t know what to do with, and now I can’t even handle the thought of cleaning off those shelves without wanting to cry, so I just ignore them.  Ignoring a mess generally doesn’t make it go away though. 

We need to address the whole room and just make it at least semi-nice once and for all, and then I know I can maintain it.  The whole project just seems overwhelming, though, and so we leave it alone. 

We can’t leave it forever though.  I told Matt that on the next rainy Sunday we have free, we HAVE to deal with it.  (He’s thrilled.  Can’t wait.)  I’m trying to plan what I want to accomplish in there, and have it be something that we can do in a single day.  I think if we start with an idea of where we want to finish, we’re more likely to actually complete it. 

I’ve looked on Pinterest for laundry room ideas, but that’s not really a good idea when the room I’m dealing with has concrete walls and no flooring — Pinterest laundry rooms are nicer than my kitchen.  I’m trying to keep my expectations in check a little because we aren’t going to do drywall or install new floors anytime soon.  We’re just going to make it clean, neat, and organized.  It will have to retain it’s industrial charm until a later day when we can really renovate the whole space.

What does your dream laundry room look like? 

Spring Has Sprung

crocusI’m calling it–it’s spring.  Officially and for reals.

I can tell because everyone in my house has a cold.

Or allergies, hard to say which.  Allergy meds aren’t helping that much, so I’m leaning toward the former.  But either way, we’ve gone through tissues at a rate of 2 boxes per day since last week. 

It’s late, but finally things are blooming.  They say it’s going to be a really bad allergy spring, because with the late bloom, basically everything is bursting to life at once.  No gradual transition for us this year.  At least it will be pretty though. 

This week my kids have Spring Break, and so far they’ve been outside more hours than they’ve been inside.  Colds be damned–they just wipe their noses on their sleeves and keep on going.  It’s gross, yes, but it’s better than them all coming in the house every four seconds to get a tissue. 

And I’m definitely moving into oh-no-the-yard-looks-like-crap-and-is-a-giant-mud-pit-we-have-to-fix-it-all-right-now mode.  Matt loves that mode. 

I’m planning my yard projects, getting my budget figured out, and making my Lowes trip today and tomorrow.  And then, I’ll dig/mulch/weed/edge/plant/transplant like a mad woman and make the kids help me, because what else is Spring Break for?

leo tolstoy spring quote

Me and Tolstoy are on the same page. Obvi.

It feels good to get my hands dirty and be out in the sun.  (Don’t try to remind me I said that when it’s 102 degrees and 99% humidity in July.  I’ll be inside in the A/C with the fan on, so I won’t hear you.)

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