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Lovely Rain

green garden

Normally by this time of the summer, I am fighting a losing battle to keep my plants alive.  Normally by this time of the summer, the grass is brown and burnt out in the patches where there’s no shade.  Normally by this time of the summer, my water bill is astronomical because we’re running the sprinklers every day.

Not this year.

After the rainiest June in ages, and a July that looks to follow the same pattern, my yard is lush and green and my plants are happy and blooming.  We’re not just getting the daily summer thunder storm that drops rain for 15 minutes and passes by this year, we’ve had days of steady, heavy rain that lets up momentarily only to be followed by several more hours of steady, heavy rain.  The grass is growing so fast, Matt can barely keep up, and I’m having to prune things back because it’s all growing in leaps and bounds.

Granted, we’ve spent the last three swim meets in rain coats carrying umbrellas and we use up a dozen towels each meet to try and keep dry.  Matt spends his grilling time trying to keep the fire from going out and running out in breaks in the rain to flip the burgers.  My rain boots have gotten as much wear as my flip flops. 

But if that’s what it takes to have my yard looking like this oasis, I’ll take it.

Stormy Weather

Stormy Sky

Thunderstorms are a near daily occurrence in this area at this time of year.  Even though it’s sunny and 90 degrees all day long, by 4PM most days, the clouds roll in, the wind picks up, and a storm blows through.  Occasionally the storm clears out the heat and leaves us with a nice cool evening.  More often, though, the aftermath is a humidity so thick, you feel the air like a heavy, wet blanket.

Some days I love it.  Some days, not so much.

But when it does happen, I’m glad Matt’s the one in charge of the grill. 

Matt rainy grilling(And sorry for leaving all the umbrellas in the car parked at the far end of the driveway!)

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