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Thinking Spring

garden in the rain

My garden last spring–it won’t be long before it looks like this again!

Now that baseball season has started, I’m definitely shifting out of winter mode.

One of the best parts of living in DC is that right when you’re really sick of winter and need it to end…it does.  Most years, things are feeling decidedly spring-y around here by the middle of March.  (Last year would be the exception to that rule.  Last year sucked.)

I’m dreaming up what I’ll do to the yard and the garden–I’m a big dreamer at this time of year.

I refuse to let the reality of the hot, dry DC summer dissuade me from planting and prettying up the yard every April — only to stare out the windows from my air conditioned house as it all burns and withers in the July sun.

Because we finished up so much of the yard work in the Fall, I will really be able to concentrate on the fun stuff this year instead of all the clean-up drudgery.

I want more flowers.  I love winter, but after months of staring outside at varying shades of brown and grey, I’m craving some color in the garden.

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