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Snow and Magic

Winters in England aren’t terribly cold temperature-wise, but the damp and wind seem to creep in and settle in your bones sometime in November and there they remain until June.  I never can seem to get warm, even though the temperatures rarely dip below freezing.

I don’t mind the cold really, never have.  Anyone can find happiness in a sunny warm afternoon, but it takes creativity and resourcefulness to be content when the cold takes your breath away.  Maybe growing up in New England thickened my blood, maybe I just have ice in my heart, but I’ll take freezing temps and mountains of snow over a hot, humid summer every day of the week. 

English winters, though.  They’re hard to bear. The wind never stops blowing.  The air is just never not wet, even when it’s not raining.  The nights are so long and the sun so scarce.  They wear on you, make you cranky. 

Until it snows. 

It doesn’t happen often here, but when it does, it makes up for a lot of dark days, grey skies, and damp winds.

You wake up to a world transformed, white fluffy snow dusting 800-year old churches and smoothing out the stark edges of bare wet trees, acres of rolling fields blanketed and quiet, still dotted with sheep that are harder to pick out against a backdrop no longer painted with mud and sodden hay.  The air is crisp instead of damp.  The light is brighter. 

Don’t tell me there’s no such thing as magic.

Surprises, Snow, and Showtime

03-photo 3 (2)

Last weekend, in Massachusetts, my nephew Michael was in his first play.

He is five years old and in kindergarten and played the part of Toto in the 6th grade town production of the Wizard of Oz.  He was the only kindergartener in the play.  He was very proud and excited to be part of it.

When we first learned we’d be moving, we thought we’d miss Michael’s acting debut.  As time passed though, and I realized we’d still be in the U.S., Matt and I decided we needed to make a trip to Massachusetts to see him on stage and visit with the cousins again.

We didn’t tell them we were coming though.

And oh, man, the look on my niece and nephews faces when they woke up last Friday morning and we were all at their house—Best. Surprise. Ever.

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