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Spring Has Sprung

crocusI’m calling it–it’s spring.  Officially and for reals.

I can tell because everyone in my house has a cold.

Or allergies, hard to say which.  Allergy meds aren’t helping that much, so I’m leaning toward the former.  But either way, we’ve gone through tissues at a rate of 2 boxes per day since last week. 

It’s late, but finally things are blooming.  They say it’s going to be a really bad allergy spring, because with the late bloom, basically everything is bursting to life at once.  No gradual transition for us this year.  At least it will be pretty though. 

This week my kids have Spring Break, and so far they’ve been outside more hours than they’ve been inside.  Colds be damned–they just wipe their noses on their sleeves and keep on going.  It’s gross, yes, but it’s better than them all coming in the house every four seconds to get a tissue. 

And I’m definitely moving into oh-no-the-yard-looks-like-crap-and-is-a-giant-mud-pit-we-have-to-fix-it-all-right-now mode.  Matt loves that mode. 

I’m planning my yard projects, getting my budget figured out, and making my Lowes trip today and tomorrow.  And then, I’ll dig/mulch/weed/edge/plant/transplant like a mad woman and make the kids help me, because what else is Spring Break for?

leo tolstoy spring quote

Me and Tolstoy are on the same page. Obvi.

It feels good to get my hands dirty and be out in the sun.  (Don’t try to remind me I said that when it’s 102 degrees and 99% humidity in July.  I’ll be inside in the A/C with the fan on, so I won’t hear you.)

Pack It Up, Pack It In

Snow gearYup, that’s a House of Pain blog post title.  Things can only get better from here.

This week I took all the snow pants, coats, gloves, scarves, neck warmers, hats, and other various winter paraphernalia out of my kitchen.  It looks nice in there now without a giant clothes rack covered in wet clothes dripping dirty water onto my floor.

I washed all the washable snow gear.  And I packed it up and put it away into the ginormous hockey bag where we store all that stuff.  The bag is now tucked safely into the spare closet in my bedroom where it will sit until next year (or until we move).

(So it will probably snow at least once more in D.C. this year.  Sorry.  I just couldn’t take the mess anymore and it was 62 degrees outside.) 

I have loved this winter, I cannot lie.  Matt and I skied together for the first time and the kid learned to ski and they loved it.  They just rocked it.  We got to play in 2′ of snow with our Massachusetts cousins and see my nephew in his first play and then we got a few good snowstorms in D.C. too.  Unlike last winter (which SUCKED), we did not spend the entire span of Thanksgiving to Spring Break with at least one sick person in our family at all times.  Although Matt did get shingles, it was the mildest case I’ve ever heard of, so all that happened was that he was home for the kids’ whole winter break.  We ice skated in NYC and D.C. at cool outdoor skating rinks and saw our California cousins too.  We went to the Train Show in New York and had a great weekend there with great friends.  We had a New Years Eve get-together with some of our neighborhood peeps. I have just loved so much about the last few months.

And now spring is coming and the kids are back in sports and we will have an insanely busy few months just FULL of sports practices and games and crazy schedules.  And no matter how much I’ve loved this winter, I can’t wait for spring.

Packing up the clothes made me a little sad: such a stark symbol of the end of a season of fun.  But then yesterday the kids were out in the yard, which is still covered in snow, wearing shorts and t-shirts and riding bikes and skateboards up and down the driveway and I all I could do was smile.

snow shorts_1 snow shorts_2 

Thinking Spring

garden in the rain

My garden last spring–it won’t be long before it looks like this again!

Now that baseball season has started, I’m definitely shifting out of winter mode.

One of the best parts of living in DC is that right when you’re really sick of winter and need it to end…it does.  Most years, things are feeling decidedly spring-y around here by the middle of March.  (Last year would be the exception to that rule.  Last year sucked.)

I’m dreaming up what I’ll do to the yard and the garden–I’m a big dreamer at this time of year.

I refuse to let the reality of the hot, dry DC summer dissuade me from planting and prettying up the yard every April — only to stare out the windows from my air conditioned house as it all burns and withers in the July sun.

Because we finished up so much of the yard work in the Fall, I will really be able to concentrate on the fun stuff this year instead of all the clean-up drudgery.

I want more flowers.  I love winter, but after months of staring outside at varying shades of brown and grey, I’m craving some color in the garden.

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame


Last year, G made it on to the Jumbotron at Nat’s Park with his travel baseball team.

It’s sort of unbelievable, since there’s 8″ of snow on the ground, but my boys will be starting baseball soon. 

Gabe and Owen at the ballfield

O and G at the field last year.

In fact, O and G had “tryouts” this past weekend (indoors, thankfully!). No one gets cut, but the coaches are able to see what level each kid is at so they make sure the teams are mostly balanced.  It was so funny to see them in their baseball pants and snow boots on the way to tryouts.

Obviously, despite being torn on whether we should sign the kids up for spring sports, we went ahead and did it. 


This was Q’s baseball debut season in 2013.

It turned out to be a good move too, because although we don’t have a moving date yet, we did learn it probably won’t be until June at the earliest at this point, so I’m really glad we didn’t hold out.  I cannot imagine having the kids NOT in sports for another season–they really need to have more regular physical activity.  I’m even looking forward to some nights where not everyone is home for dinner and we end up having bagged-lunch-picnics at the baseball field during practice!


O sliding home in Spring 2013.

This season I’m hoping O and G will end up on the same team — it all depends on whether the coaches feel like O is ready to move up to the next level of play.  But it would be so fun for us — and for them — to play together again!  I’d love it if one day ALL THREE BOYS could play on the same team.  It can’t happen for a few more years — Q is still waaaaay too young to play at the kid pitch level — but eventually it’s possible.  THAT would be the most convenient, most fun baseball season I can think of.

Spring sports season tends to be our craziest, busiest time of year.  But after a really laid-back fall and almost no sports all winter, I’m ready for some busy weeks and long days at the field.  B will be back in soccer too, so we’ll have plenty of games to juggle.  And unbelivably, I’m looking forward to it!


G’s hitting face is THE BEST.

Spring can’t get here soon enough!

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