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Surprises, Snow, and Showtime

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Last weekend, in Massachusetts, my nephew Michael was in his first play.

He is five years old and in kindergarten and played the part of Toto in the 6th grade town production of the Wizard of Oz.  He was the only kindergartener in the play.  He was very proud and excited to be part of it.

When we first learned we’d be moving, we thought we’d miss Michael’s acting debut.  As time passed though, and I realized we’d still be in the U.S., Matt and I decided we needed to make a trip to Massachusetts to see him on stage and visit with the cousins again.

We didn’t tell them we were coming though.

And oh, man, the look on my niece and nephews faces when they woke up last Friday morning and we were all at their house—Best. Surprise. Ever.

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