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Valentines Shmalentines

I hate being told what to do.  It is childish and perverse and contrary of me, I know, but as soon as someone tells me what I should do/think/say/feel, I want to NOT do that thing and instead do the exact opposite.

So naturally, I hate Valentine’s Day.

Don’t tell me what day I should celebrate the person I love most.  I’ll decide on my own, thank you very much. 

I resist celebrating this holiday with everything in me.

Matt thinks this is funny, and therefore gives me Valentine’s presents and cards that say things like “I know it’s your favorite holiday”…

Then I begrudgingly get him gifts as well, but I give them to him on the 15th because I am nothing if not a stubborn pain in the ass.

In reality, though, the fact that he persists in making a big deal out of a day he knows I think is dumb also makes me begrudgingly love him more.  I know that it is my very resistance to this holiday that makes him celebrate it as thoroughly as possible, and I do find that funny.  Contrary to my bones, I am.  And a true romantic, to boot.

And, man, I do love him.  Not just today, but every day.  More on other days than today, in fact.  Today he mostly annoys me with his gifts and cards and flowers.


If I did have to send Valentine’s Day cards, these are the ones I would want to send!

Real Poetry

matt and me

I found these Valentine’s poems for married people via the brilliant Cup of Jo and I read every one and I laughed out loud FOR REAL, not in the LOL kind of way.

This one’s my favorite:

When we have children,
They will watch no television.
No screens.
We will be different from those other parents,
And we will take pride in our being better.
Fast-forward seven years,
And it’s Sunday morning,
6 A.M.
Do you know who our friend is?
SpongeBob SquarePants, that’s who.
And, yes, you can have Mentos for breakfast.

I may need to write a few honest poems myself…

Also, we have two wedding anniversaries, and here‘s why.  Romantic -ish!


When You Know, You Know


Matt and I met in January of 2003.  When I say “met”, though, that’s what I mean—we met.  First, unofficially—we arrived the same week at the Army’s language school in California, and so we were in the same meeting giving us the in-processing information for our unit.  Then, we met officially. I went with a mutual friend to a bar in Monterey at 10AM on a Sunday in January to watch the NFC and AFC championship games, and Matt met us there.  We spent the day watching football and chatting.  At the time, we were both dating other people.

We didn’t start dating each other until June of that year.  By the end of July, we were engaged.

In fact, Matt proposed to me the week he met my parents, after asking their permission.  I hadn’t even met his parents yet when I said yes.

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