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Adventures in England: Warwick Castle

warwick castle 1

We had friends here visiting last month, which was so fun – it’s always nice to see faces from home and get to hang out with some of the people we’re missing.  While they were here we went on several really cool adventures.  The first was to Warwick Castle, which I learned I’d been saying incorrectly after already having talked about it for weeks.  You think it’s War-wick, like it looks, but it’s not.  It’s War-Rick.  Drop the second “w” and replace it with an “r” because…the Brits like to make all pronunciations confusing.  That’s the only reason I can think of.  Anyway.

warwick castle 3

The castle was huge and there were lots of activities–we watched an archery demonstration, saw a giant trebuchet fire a flaming projectile, and climbed up hundreds of stairs to the tops of tall towers to see picture perfect views of the surrounding countryside. 

warwick castle 5

The kids learned how to sword fight and had a little target practice. 

warwick castle 2_archers

We made our way through a historically-themed maze complete with a scavenger hunt, and we hung out with a bunch of pretty peacocks.

warwick castle peacock

While we’ve enjoyed all our castle adventures here in England, the thing about Warwick that stuck out was how interactive everything was; throughout the day there were shows and demonstrations that the kids were able to participate in and that kept them engaged all day long.  There was so much to see and do, and everyone had fun.

warwick castle 4

We’ve been to a lot of castles since arriving in England and I keep thinking maybe we’re going to get sick of them.  I keep being wrong though, and they keep being awesome.  Warwick was one of our favorites yet, in fact!

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