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Women’s March on Washington

Tomorrow is the Women’s March in Washington D.C. 

On days like this, I wish I still lived there.  I would be at that march in a heartbeat.  I’m proud to know a lot of friends and neighbors in D.C. who are going.

I’m even prouder to say that my parents are driving all the way up to D.C. from their house in Florida to attend.  They’re meeting up with my aunt who lives in Virginia and they’re all going to the march together.  And yes, my Dad is going too.  I know a couple of men that are going.  This march isn’t FOR women, it’s for people who believe that women’s right are human rights.  The organizers of the march have also made it clear that this is not just a march for women’s rights, but for any and every marginalized group — immigrants, minorities, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, etc.  I wish I could be there, but it’s a long commute from England, so I’ll be there with them in spirit instead.  I’m proud to know that my parents are setting an example for my children and nephews and niece  — they could stay home, but they’re driving all day on Friday from Florida to D.C. in order to participate in something that matters.  They’re showing our kids that action is required if change is needed and that it’s important to stand up for what you believe in and defend those who are in need.  They’re really awesome.

If you’re thinking about going but need more details, you can find them here.  The event takes place tomorrow, January 21st, at the intersection of Independence Ave and 3rd St in Washington D.C. near the Capitol Building.  The rally starts at 10AM, the march starts at 1:15PM, and right now they are predicting over 200K people will attend.

This march could have a massive impact; peaceful protests can affect real change.  You only have to look at the Civil Rights era to see the proof of that, or at Standing Rock to see more recent evidence.

Here are a few more links related to women’s rights that I love.  Let me know if you go to the Women’s March — I’d love to hear about your experience.

Some funny sign ideas for the March (please note you cannot carry signs on sticks at the March – put them on foam board or cardboard instead)

In Celebration of Women on A Cup of Jo

Here’s a link to the t-shirt I’m wearing in the pic above — Matt got it for me for Christmas!

Emma Watson’s incredible He For She speech

FEMINIST sweatshirt (another item on my wish list)





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