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Spring Has Sprung

crocusI’m calling it–it’s spring.  Officially and for reals.

I can tell because everyone in my house has a cold.

Or allergies, hard to say which.  Allergy meds aren’t helping that much, so I’m leaning toward the former.  But either way, we’ve gone through tissues at a rate of 2 boxes per day since last week. 

It’s late, but finally things are blooming.  They say it’s going to be a really bad allergy spring, because with the late bloom, basically everything is bursting to life at once.  No gradual transition for us this year.  At least it will be pretty though. 

This week my kids have Spring Break, and so far they’ve been outside more hours than they’ve been inside.  Colds be damned–they just wipe their noses on their sleeves and keep on going.  It’s gross, yes, but it’s better than them all coming in the house every four seconds to get a tissue. 

And I’m definitely moving into oh-no-the-yard-looks-like-crap-and-is-a-giant-mud-pit-we-have-to-fix-it-all-right-now mode.  Matt loves that mode. 

I’m planning my yard projects, getting my budget figured out, and making my Lowes trip today and tomorrow.  And then, I’ll dig/mulch/weed/edge/plant/transplant like a mad woman and make the kids help me, because what else is Spring Break for?

leo tolstoy spring quote

Me and Tolstoy are on the same page. Obvi.

It feels good to get my hands dirty and be out in the sun.  (Don’t try to remind me I said that when it’s 102 degrees and 99% humidity in July.  I’ll be inside in the A/C with the fan on, so I won’t hear you.)

Winter is Coming (But Not the Game of Thrones Kind)

We don’t have a huge yard—only about 1/3 of an acre—but in that small space we have many gardens.  More than I prefer, but we inherited them from the previous owners and have spent the last 8 years slowly replacing gardens with grassy space for the kids to play.

All that garden space means there’s a lot to do in terms of winter preparation so the yard doesn’t look absolutely disastrous come spring.

We spent two full weekends in November attacking the outside To-Do list but we’re still not quite done.  And we are clearly running out of time—once the snow falls, I think what’s done is done and what’s not isn’t happening.

Last month we cut down the tall native grass that forms a privacy wall along our back fence.  We raked up at least 30 bags of leaves and brush.  Spread 65 bags of mulch (sadly, though, we still need about 30 more).  Spent hours and hours getting the yard in shape so that winter doesn’t create more of a mess than we started with.

Since we don’t have a truck to take yard debris to the dump or haul 50 bags of mulch home from Lowes, my in-laws came down helped us out.  My father-in-law towed his trailer down behind his truck because we knew we had a lot of hauling to do.  We got the trailer all loaded up with dump-bound items.

Then this happened. 1-photo

Matt and his dad had to take the tire off, bring it to the gas station, patch it/fill it, bring it back and put it back on the trailer, THEN they were able to go to the dump.  So, you know, that was cool.

We have probably one more day of work to do to ensure the yard is really prepped.  And we HAVE to get it done, because when we move we plan to rent the house and we’d really like the yard in the best possible shape when we leave to encourage renters to maintain it well.

So even though I know Winter is Coming, I need it to hold off a few more days while I get these last few bags of mulch spread.

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